Kiva Logic manages your customers, orders, routes, payments, and products, all completely online. No software required.

Be Anywhere

Run your business entirely online. All you need is an internet connection. The customer facing and the admin side of the software use responsive design to be compatible with all sized devices.

Recurring or One-time

Your customers can select how often they wish to receive a product. From one-time to every 12 weeks, Kiva Logic handles the scheduling.


Built-in integrations with Routific, Viamente, RouteSavvy, or drag-and-drop routing style to help your route your deliveries.


Automatic Payments

Accept cash, check, or credit cards. Orders are automatically billed before delivery to credit cards on file through Authorize.net, Stripe.com, PayFast, or Moneris.com.


Your data is securely stored with regular offsite backups. Download your customer data anytime you want. Our devops team monitors our technology infrastructure 24/7/365.

Easy to use

Kiva Logic tells you what you need to do each day to deliver your best to your customers. Our award winning support team will help you import customers, customize your design, and set your business up on the Kiva Logic software.

Get going quickly. As in Today.

In less than 42 seconds, your business will have a new ecommerce home at yourbusiness.kivalogic.com. It comes complete with an administrative interface for you and an ecommerce shopping interface for your customers.

Add your products, set up how your business operates, and your customers can start shopping today.

What's Happening

Check out the latest changelog's and news.


January 2017

Jan 18, 2017

NEW: if a customer is in a large postal code, you can set auto route to off. This will create the customer in pending status, and you must manually approve or deny them. A notice will pop up on the Dashboard if you have any pending customers to approve.

Jan 11, 2017

NEW: v2 added new setting for the home website URL for companies using sub-domains for Kiva Logic. This link will be displayed on the front side at the top left navigation bar.

Jan 10, 2017

NEW: On the billing page, you can look up payment records by individual transaction ID number for the Authorize.net gateway.

Jan 09, 2017

NEW: v2 A link to the Recipe page on the front side can be enabled from the admin through the recipes or the recipes categories pages.

NEW: Coops/pickup locations now have referral links for customers to share and grow. Referral links for coops AND customers now have a new landing page that invites the customer to join and displays either the coop information or the first name and last initial of the customer that shared the referral link to help increase conversions. For more information check out our blog post: https://www.kivalogic.com/blog/introducing-coop-referral-links/

Jan 08, 2017

NEW: Added the order size and type to be displayed on the Products Sold Report when filtering by customer.

Jan 06, 2017

NEW: For easy reference, on the settings page there is a new section called Reference Links. This will give you easy copy and past links and html for the login, signup, contact, and shop pages so you can add links to your newsletters, website, emails, etc.

Jan 05, 2017

NEW: When the weekly cycle is in progress, a new status bar will be displayed at the top of all admin pages showing what steps have been completed to help you stay on track!

Jan 04, 2017

NEW: v2 manual routing screen added better geo-coordinate handling and messaging for easier routing.

FIX: currency symbol updates on the admin discount codes page v2

Alerts & News

Nov 21, 2016
Hi folks,

Authorize.net just reported that the gateway issue has been resolved. All billing processes should be back to normal now for authorize.net customers.


Nov 21, 2016
Hi folks,

For those of you who use authorize.net: they are experiencing issues with their API right now. This may prevent customers from signing up since the process is reliant on the payment gateway working. If you have any billing to do, we recommend holding off until they have the issues sorted out.

There's not much we can do to help, but we'll keep an eye on things, and if you want to stay up to date you can visit their status page at this link: https://status.authorize.net/


Nov 11, 2016
Hi folks,

As some of you already know, an issue popped up last weekend where some iOS users were having issues accessing the site and seeing the message 'too many redirects'. The users impacted were generally using older iOS devices. It has been problematic to solve because we have been unable to recreate the issue ourselves, nor have we been able to see any useful logging information either in the dbs or servers.

We do have a theory about the issue: recent changes Apple made to iOS resulted in cookie and session issues for customers that used their mobile device with 'remember me' checked. We have deployed an update to address our theory, but the problem remains that we still can not recreate the issue, so we can't test it!

What we're asking you is to please continue to report any instances of customers reporting 'too many redirects'. If possible, we'd love to hear any additional information you can provide such as: device, device version, browser, existing customer or new.

Thank you for your help!


Sep 02, 2016

Hi Folks,

Just a quick status update for you- A rather large system architecture project has run a bit longer than previously planned. we still have our deployments on hold so anything that was scheduled to be released this week has been postponed until Tuesday, September 6. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

We hope you have a fine weekend, and we'll leave you with this article: a fake farmer started a fake Organic CSA and was busted!! link: http://goo.gl/zidCS4


Feb 01, 2016

ATTENTION PLEASE! We have identified an issue with the contact form that prevented emails from being sent over the weekend. These were saved so please look at Reports->Contact Form to see any missing messages.

We have fixed the issue so contact form submissions will be sent via email as they should be.

Jan 29, 2016

Hi folks, authorize.net users are all clear! The outage had nothing to do with the CIM so this outage did not affect any sign-ups, payment method updates, or transactions. Have a great day!

Jan 29, 2016

Hi folks, authorize.net just reported that they are having some transaction issues. If you are using authorize.net, it's recommended to not run billing at this moment.

from Authorize.net: "We are currently experiencing a partial outage that is affecting transaction processing. We are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible and apologize for any disruption."

Jan 20, 2016

Hi folks,

We have received notice that all network connectivity issues have been resolved. Our upstream provider is still working to make sure that this issue does not happen again and has assured us that all services are back to normal operation. We apologize for any difficulties this morning!


Jan 15, 2016

Hi Folks,

Happy Friday! We hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.

A new changelog is out for you: Changelog Updates

Text link: https://kivalogic.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/215778648-Changelog-1-15-2016-monthly-schedule-active-product-list-updates-and-more


Jan 06, 2016

10:06am Eastern - Attention Authorize.net Users!

Authorize.net is now reporting that the Transaction Processing Outage has been resolved.

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